Teaching Tools

From the Publishers of How to Read a Poem

For librarians, teachers, group leaders: we have teaching tools that will make it easier for you to plan your poetry and writing programs—including poetry prompts, poetry infographics, poem analyses, a beautiful poem a day, and a poets coloring book.

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Here’s a sample before you get there:

Smart Fun Poets Coloring Book

Our Take Your Poet to Work Day coloring book is made for grownups who appreciate a little smart fun. But you can borrow it for your classroom or library. We’re pretty sure the grownups will share.

free take your poet to work day coloring book cover

Download the FREE poets coloring book now!

3 Great Ways to Organize Your Poetry Unit

circus_and_carnival poetry unit
You can organize by form, theme, or elements. Check out these 3 Great Ways to Organize Your Poetry Unit.